fishing report

the snook fishing has been good around the moving tides we are catch snook around the mangroves and areas of structure. large mackerel have been caught around the range markers and deep grass flats! trout have been biting good on the deep grass flats also mangrove snapper fishing also been very good around docks and rocky areas.

tight lines see you on the water

fishing report from captain tony frankland

the fishing has been great the last few days with alot of fish being caught on scaled sardines. snook,redfish,trout,mackerel, jacks, and some bluefish have been biting on the out going tide the best.

tight lines

captain tony frankland

tampa bay florida fishing report

the fishing last week was great for snook! with alot of snook hooked and released. all were caught on scaled sardines the trout bite has also been good with alot of nice trout being hooked. back drum and redfish have been biting in the deep water canals of south tampa bay sheepshead have also been active at the rocky areas of tampa bay.
fishing forecast with the cold front that is coming in as i write will push fish into warmer water areas of the rivers and power plants around the bay shrimp and scaled sardines will be the best bait good luck and tight lines.
captain tony frankland

fishing charters in ruskin florida fishing report

the mangrove snapper bite is still strong right now! they are feeding on the flats in the mangroves and alot of places in between.
snook fishing also has been great as the water temp has cooled a little bit they are biting great in the backcountry and rivers at this time as normal scaled sardines are the key bait the out going tide has been best. trout fishing remains good on the deep water grass flats in tampa bay and south of tampa bay. mackerel fishing also has been great around the deep spoil areas of tampa bay and ruskin. redfish have been around in large number on the flats they are eating cut bait and live scaled sardines a quite approach with trolling motor will yeild best results.

tight lines captain tony frankland


fishing report for tampa bay fl,

im excited about the great snook bite we are having right now the bite has been off the chain with 30 fish days. also the redfish have been around the mangroves on the high tide! the key has been the fast incoming tide and the bait of choice has been scaled sardines. the trout action in Tampa bay remains good with large trout being hooked on the deeper grass flats. mackerel have been active on the out going tide long shank hooks are a must for these fish to stop cut offs they will shy away from wire leader there has also been alot of Blacktip sharks around we are catching them in the deep grass flats. 
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fishing report for tampa bay

the snook fishing has been good this week with alot
snook being caught one snook was 41 inches long. also the spanish mackerel bite has been great with a large number of macks being hooked! long shank hooks are a must to keep from being cut off. also south tampa bay has been holding redfish and bluefish on the grass flats we have also have caught some cobia the trout bite has been great also with a large number of trout being caught on scaled sardines.

tight lines see you on the water
captain tony frankland


fishing charters in tampa bay florida

IMG_5306Fishing has been great this week with a lot of Snook being caught on my charters some over 15 lbs! also the trout fishing has been good with a lot of slot sized fish being caught by my anglers in tampa bay.  There has also so been a lot of mackerel being caught on the south end of the bay on the deep grass flats. the key bait of choice is scaled sardines, We have also been catching redfish in the backcountry look for the action to stay hot as the waters stays warm.

Tight lines captain tony frankland



fishing report for tampa bay fl,

The snook bite has been good the past 9 days we have caught alot of large snook with 1 fish weighing 22 lbs. trout fishing has also been good we have also been catching redfish on the outside flats in Tampa Bay. The key fishing with scaled sardines for bait. Look for the
Bite to get better as the water warms
Tight lines captain tony frankland

fishing report for tampa bay fl,

welcome to the fishing report at this time the fish are biting in tampa bay. downtown the black drum are around the deep channel areas and the docks the warm water areas of ruskin and apollo beach are holding redfish, trout, and cobia, snook are also biting on the warmer days! shrimp for bait is still the best option right now with spring here soon i will switch to live scaled sardines. there is mackerel and some pompano at the skyway bridge as i write this good luck tight lines capt tony frankland


fishing tampa bay fl,

fishing report for tampa bay fl, with captain tony frankland right now the fish are eating well. with trout, sheephead, redfish, and black drum and large jacks, being caught on live shrimp and jigs the best areas to fish right now is the rivers and back bays of tampa bay. there alot of fish way up the river at this time the key is to fish warm pockets of water were the water is warmer free lined shrimp will do the trick. here is also some snook being caught up the little manatee river at this time tight lines and good luck on the water.
captain tony frankland