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redfish in tampa bay fishing charters in tampa bay! the day starts with captain tony throwing the net for live scaled sardines in tampa bay. this is the key to catching fish on his charters. the day starts off throwing the net in 3 feet of water on the grass flats. or  in deep of up to 20 feet of water depending on where the bait is and the time of year. a good day on the will depend on capt tony catching enough bait for the day! it is so important thant he will start off the at the pre dawn hours! to fill the bait well one net throw at a time. alot of my clients do not know how important it is to have alot of bait for there charter my number one goal is the make sure we have success.  i want them to catch more fish on there charters.  capt tony takes the time to do with it takes to have a great day on the water. his work ethic is the key to his success and his relaxed personable attitude is the key to make it happen.the number one guide for fishing charters in the tampa bay area. florida is the number one fishing area anywhere! captain tony frankland runs inshore fishing charters for snook ,redfish ,trout , tarpon ,mackerel,bluefish ,snapper, grouper , kingfish, and more .
wheather this is your first time fishing a charter or you are a veteran of fishing. captain tony will give you the knowledge and skill you need for your great day on the water for the trip of a lifetime and fun for all.

captain tony frankland is a full time fishing guide. fishing all of tampa bay captain tony has 25 years of experience with the last 15 years being a full time guide.

you will be on a top of the line boat! with all the best gear you need for a great day on the water in tampa bay.

Tampa bay fishing charters with captain tony frankland fishing charters advice

Choosing a fishing charter in a place you have never been before is a big task. aside from not knowing which charters are most established, what the best fishing season is, or how the weather conditions may impact your time on the water you are relying exclusively on the reputation of local fishing captains  and the marketing effortshave  managed to promote their business. That is a risky proposition, because some professional fishermen are better marketers than anglers.  So how can you tell if a fishing charter is operated by an experienced Captain? there so simple rules to follow when sizing up the legitimacy and capability of a prospective fishing charter captain

  1. Determine how long the charter operation has been in business
  2.  Find out whether its a full time or part time operation
  3.  Learn about the Captains fishing experience
  4.  Ask about a typical day on the water
  5.  Inquire about tournament experience

 contact phone 813-915-8541 office

contact phone 813-601-0420 cell

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